About B-Selfie

Who is B-SELFIE?

The ground-breaking line of self beauty fillers you can apply as a band-aid.
Simple, comfortable, quick and painless.

Dissolving microstructures

An exclusive system for intradermic infiltration.

The micro-needles, with the thickness of around 1/4 of a human hair, are made up of crystallized active principles. Penetrating through the skin, the crystals of hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF) dissolve in a couple hours, reaching the deepest layers of the dermis.

The revolutionary micro-needles, through a totally painless action, actively stimulate the epidermis, helping and enhancing the effect of the active formula.

Vehiculation of the active formula

The micro-structure scan incorporate a number of active formula types: DNA, vitamins, hormones, peptides, et cetera.

The active formulas, solified in the micro-structures, penetrate the boundaries of the skin and carry out their action deep into the dermis.

The advantages of the micro-structures

Self-treatment is possible for anybody, anywhere.
Doesn’t need any annoying or invasive instrument.
It doesn’t produce sanitary waste like, i.e., syringes.
It doesn’t require refrigeration during the distribution process.