About B-Selfie

Founded in 2016, B-Selfie Glam Italy is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes revolutionary skincare products, servicing B2B and B2C clients. Operating in Europe for 5 years, B-Selfie was ready to expand operations into North America (2021), as it was time to showcase our footprint in the skincare industry.

B-Selfie is the first company to release revolutionary DIY injective technology with a unique formula for a Botox & Filler like effect, along with the ground-breaking line of self-beauty fillers you can apply as a band-aid. Simple, comfortable, quick and painless .

B-Selfie's product line consists of 17 products ranging from skincare devices (DIY Botox - microneedle technology), self-beauty fillers (Hyaluronic Acid microneedle patches), serums, skincare kits, creams and face masks. B-Selfie has a Research & Development team that resides in Europe to evolve and roll out new technology and formulas to complement B-Selfie's existing product line.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality & easy to use DIY skincare products.

B-Selfie is the future of SKINCARE!