Who Are WE


Headquartered in Italy, B-SELFIE has been a powerhouse SME in skincare innovation since 2016.

By collaborating closely with prestigious universities worldwide, our intensive research consistently enhances our expertise. This synergy enables B-SELFIE to pioneer high- performance and innovative cosmetic solutions against aging.

The advanced cosmetic formulations, in synergy with new application methods inspired by the world of aesthetic medicine, allows B-SELFIE to represent the vanguard of innovation, even in a rapidly and continuously evolving landscape of the cosmetics market.

B-Selfie's evolution took a bold turn in 2021 when we crossed the Atlantic to make a mark in North America. This strategic move was fueled by the burning desire to showcase our influence on the global skincare stage. Today, we proudly introduce the industry's most advanced DIY injective technology, promising a beauty revolution.

The philosophy that governs the guidelines of the research activity of B-SELFIE allows the Brand to design and develop cosmetics that stimulate physiological and natural responses that promise a timeless beauty.